Curbless Shower Design

Room Addition Projects Go Curbless

Planning a Room Addition Project – Go Curbless on your walk in showers

Curbless showers are far superior to the traditional shower with a curb. Stepping up into the shower is inconvenient compared to the ease of walking into a flat floor shower. If you are planning new space for your home it is easy to design and plan to have a curbless shower. 

Your Room Addition Contractor can handle the details to make necessary changes to an existing plan to make the changes to execute a curbless shower.

Remodeled Bathroom With Shower Curb
A beautifully remodeled master bathroom with curb at shower.
Curbless Shower Design
A walk in curdles shower completed with the room addition project.

Your curdles design does not require additional floor space. It does require some consideration in the framing directions from the Architect as well as knowledge and skill on the part of the installation crew. Executing this type of shower does not have to add expense to the finish work.

Linear Drain on Curb less Shower
Curbless showers often have linear drains
Transition from shower to floor
This stone to ceramic transition clearly shows the separation from the shower. It is common to continue tile straight into shower. Here the stone shower floor clearly shows the shower floor.