Frameless glass walk in shower

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

Bathroom Remodeling can be made easy by following a few easy guidelines.

When doing a bathroom remodel it is sometimes overwhelming  to get the process started. Following a few simple guidelines can help make the process easier.

Frameless glass walk in shower
Completed Master Bathroom Remodel with walk in shower, subway limestone tiles and frameless glass shower
  1. Shop for finish materials in advance. Having an idea of what items cost and the look you are going to accomplish will go a long way to making the process easier.
  2. Get referrals – Having a referral to a bathroom remodeling contractor who is experienced will take much of the pressure off of you and your family.
  3. Be prepared to modify your bathroom regiment. Taking a bathroom out of commission for any period of time will put additional pressure for bathroom time on the remaining bathroom(s). Everyone will need to be considerate of each others needs during this time.
  4. Choose materials that you really love. Selecting finish materials that are exactly what you want can greatly affect your overall satisfaction. Don’t settle for less!
  5. Enjoy the process. Your bathroom remodel may not go exactly as planned but does not have to be a disaster either. be prepared to modify the plan should unexpected surprises come up. Many times an unexpected detail that is carefully considered and discussed can make the project come out better than expected.
  6. Order tile on time or only purchase what is in stock at the time of purchase. Many tile stores do not stock materials. They will have to order the materials from a wholesaler. If your contractor does not have an account at the wholesalers (as we do) then you will need lead time in order to have the tile store source the materials. Many tile stores get bad information on availability and the tiles may take much longer than expected to get to your home.
Bathroom Remodeling company tips.
Bathroom Remodeling company tips.
Master bathroom remodel including walk in shower, hand held shower head and frameless glass partition.
Hand held shower head for this beautifully designed master bathroom remodel.
Limestone subway tile and Master Bath Shower Head
Customer selected Master Bath Shower Head
Location of the Master Bath Shower Mixer is carefully hidden behind the pony wall.
Located on the interior of the pony wall, this Master Bath Shower Mixer is not seen when entering the Master Bathroom.
Tile in-lay shower drain covers come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Tile in-lay shower drain. These drain covers come in a variety of sizes and shapes.