Quality Patio Cover Installation Services in Orange County

Quality Patio Cover Installation Services in Orange County

Construction Guaranteed specializes in patio cover installations. A brand-new patio cover is among the most economical home improvement projects for a property owner. It offers many advantages and years of pleasurable use. If you’re considering adding a one onto your house, we can help you chose the right style that will accommodate your needs. 

We Are The Orange County Patio Cover Specialists

Our professional team provides high-quality services in order to enhance the beauty of your home. Also, we can offer unequaled services in your area and the personal guarantee that your patio cover will look exquisite. Moreover, we tend to all types of outdoor spaces, and also use various types of materials from wood to aluminum and we tend to Alumawood installations for your home. Thus, the benefits of hiring our company are numerous. Our team is formed from experienced construction contractors that will prioritize your call and will arrive with the best equipment needed.

How To Choose The Right Material?

We can answer this question with a multitude of reasons. As specialists, our concern is not only to provide affordable and proficient services, but also to communicate and share our knowledge regarding the constructions. Under these circumstances, we will emphasize the main benefits each material brings.

Wood is a popular choice for patio covers, as it's affordable, functional, and can be customized in unlimited ways. Wood covers can be built to look like they are a part of your home's original construction. Most commonly wood patio covers are roofed to match the roofing of your existing home.

Wood patio covers

Wood is a great material for custom designed patios, as it can be easily cut for adjustments made by you or a professional installer, it can be constructed to allow as much light in as you choose, and colors or shades via painting or staining.

Aluminum patio covers

If you live in a humid area, experience a lot of rain, or live near the ocean, an aluminum patio cover is a smart choice for your outdoor cover needs. They are a great option, but they require maintenance that an aluminum cover does not—saving you time and money.

Extreme hot, cold, or wet weather will not affect their appearance, they won't rust, crack, or peel and they're not susceptible to termites and other pest infestations.

This keeps your outdoor living spaces bright and cool. Homeowners love Aluminum framed patio covers because they don't darken the inside of their homes.

Alumawood patios covers

Alumawood patio covers will with stand the driest or wettest conditions, requiring little to no maintenance; while wooden patio covers may become brittle and weak, failing to the elements. Alumawood patio covers don't neglect style!

Custom patio covers

Solid, stand alone or custom covers, color choices and even more styling options -- with so many different combinations, it's sure to complement each backyard perfectly.

On the positive side, this material can last nearly three times as long as your average wood patio cover.

We understand how much you value your time and comfort and we have your best interest in mind, operating with honesty, integrity as well as affordability. This is the reason why we endeavor to provide fast, quality written estimates for every job you ask for. We will offer you all the facts and information up front because we respect all our clients and cherish communication. Therefore, our aim is to exceed your expectations. And with our flexible scheduling options you’ll never have to miss a game time again!

Call us and take advantage of our top quality patio installation in Orange County CA and Long Beach we offer free quotes and affordable services.