Painting Contractor

We are a painting contractor for interior or exterior with the finest quality paints and elastomerics available. Ask our representative what is the best materials for your application. Construction Guaranteed offers the best place to find just what you need for quality painting projects for your home or business.

With a full line of materials available for your home, we are able to recommend the correct materials, properly price the scope of work selected, and provide the proper installation of each of our offered remedies.


Quality Painting projects…

A fresh coat of paint makes everything better.

Our painting contractor program is one most every homeowner can benefit from. Our system of expediting, scheduling and carefully executing your painting project will transform any residence into a home! It is our residential painting construction program designed to offer you a written guarantee you can rely on when undertaking remodeling & painting projects on your home.


Interior and Exterior Painting will be accomplished with quality materials,  skilled craftsmen and competitive pricing.

Construction Guaranteed is the place to find just what you need for quality painting projects for your home or business. A great paint project is 85% preparation and 25% quality materials and installation (yes that is 110%). With proper preparation the full benefit of the materials applied can be realized.


The styles of paints used for construction are consistent from coast to coast. We carry and supply most every style and material available on the market today. As a qualified painting contractor we can help you with a variety of materials. Call today for information and a free consultation.

Your primary choice of materials will vary depending on your neighborhood and local building codes. We will provide you with information and competitive pricing for your selections. Your FREE in-home estimate will cover all of the information to help you make the best choice when choosing your materials.

Building Permits

Painting does not always require building permits. It is recommended, strongly recommended, that you only allow licensed persons in your home for any reason. Recent changes to painting rules require notifications and testing when lead paint is present in your home.