Construction Guaranteed is the project management firm that provides you with the design services needed to complete working blueprints, production scheduling and construction services management. We give our clients what is in their best interest you are insured a wonderful finished product with the entire process going much smoother than an unmanaged project. You can count on the people at Construction Guaranteed to provide these services.


Design/Build construction is the process where a construction company provides both the design assistance and the construction for a project. We have worked on many projects of this nature and can manage your project from start to completion with three essential  components:

  • Initial design services
  • Financial basis and budget
  • Performance oversight and management

Your initial design services consultation will be an informative meeting for both parties. We need to understand your desires for the project and will provide critical information on making the project run smoothly. We take great care to layout your space properly and communicate with all parties to help the design be the best it can be.

You will also receive an accurate quotation for the work by qualified parties for the work to be performed on your home. We take great pride in our review of pricing methods and presentation of performance schedules. Keeping a project on schedule is only accomplished with proper management.

Design Services are available for :

  • Room Addition Projects – A room addition project for your home requires attention to details and good communication. We take great care to design every inch of the space. Many clients have told us that they appreciate the care we take to ensure the perfect addition design.
  • Second Story Additions – Adding second story living space to your home is the most difficult project to improve your property. Structural considerations require an extended design time period as well as structural engineering. We will handle the design, plans, engineering and permitting.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – We provide a free consultation at your home to design your perfect kitchen layout. Every inch counts in the kitchen. We evaluate each section and cabinet to be installed and make sure that the door orientation, hinges and glides, as well as accessories inside the cabinets are to your needs. The counter top selections have to be “Loved” in order to be installed.
  • Great room with Wall Removal – Create a Great Room with the joining of the kitchen, dining room and family room. Many companies shy away from difficult tasks such as this. We can help you execute this project with professional management.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – We design and manage beautiful bathroom installations. Have us design the perfect bathroom for you.
  • Solar System Design and Installation –  We take great care to locate conduit pipes where they are not conspicuous on the walls and roof.
  • Exterior Stucco Work – We have many years of stucco experience and can help make your home exterior new again.
  • Exterior Painting and Elastomeric Paint – There are many options for your home’s exterior. We can help you select the correct product.