Classic White Kitchen Cabinets with Raised Panel Doors

Classic White Raised Panel Kitchen Remodel
Classic white raised panel kitchen cabinets – Remodeling with timeless materials
Drawer Cabinet with Classic White Drawer Fronts
Classic white drawer fronts with center mounted handles.
Trash can pull out cabinet
The trash can pull out hardware is sturdy to hold two large kitchen trash cans.
Spice Rack pull out shelf 6" with full size drawer cabinet
A spice rack pull out shelf on the base cabinets of this kitchen is placed in proximity to the cooking area.




Bathroom Remodeling Trends and Contractor Talk

Bathroom Remodeling Trends and Contractor Talk

Remodeling your bathroom will change your perspective on life on a daily basis as you start and end your day in a greatly improved space. Utilizing some of the latest trends can add to the enjoyment of your bathroom.


Linear Drain in the shower

A linear drain is a thin wide drain that is designed into the shower pan during a bathroom remodel. It will require some planning, or experience, to correctly execute. The shower floor can be a flat surface and sloped to the drain. Most showers have a “Bowl” design with the drain in the middle.

Linear Drain is a Top Bathroom Trend
A linear drain helps eliminate the “Bowl” shower floor. Sloping the shower floor to the drain with a flat surface.

Solid Surface Curb Top

A curb is the shower feature that you step over that is designed to keep water from migrating out the door onto the bathroom floor. It is usually tiled with finished tile on each side or metal trim. Covering the top of the curb with a neutral color solid surface material improves the clean look of a shower curb.

A solid Surface Shower Curb
Use a solid surface material on the shower curb top to eliminate grout lines at the busiest spot in the shower.


Home Renovation Begins with a Good Plan

Home renovations can be greatly improved with a good plan from the onset.

A home remodeling project will greatly benefit from a carefully executed plan.
Home remodeling plans can help you achieve a successful outcome for your project.

Many factors need to be considered when planning a home remodeling project. Your investment of time and money can greatly increase the value of your property well beyond the expense of the renovation when done properly. Many homeowners experience a payback in excess of 100% to their investment with the benefits of working with us, our  wholesale pricing on finish materials and the quality installation of our workmen. 

Planning for a home remodeling project has many considerations for the homeowner/property owner. There is a budget or the expenses for the project, the design and look of the project, quality and installation of finish materials and length of the installation of the project as well as warranties as well as who will be handling the work.

Budgeting for your home remodeling project may not be easy and you are almost guaranteed that the project will cost more than you are planning. The pricing for a home remodeling project can be manipulated and controlled when you are willing to bend the scope for the finished project. The more rigid your expectations the less likely you will be able to make changes that may save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Make a good plan – A good plan starts with the initial interview at your home. We go over the requirements of your job and discuss alternatives and ideas to help make the space the best it can be. Our experience can help you find areas of consideration to help keep your project within the budget you are comfortable with.

Stucco Project before starting
Stucco Project before starting
Quality Remodeling Contractor

Quality remodeling contractor.

Quality Remodeling Contractor

Quality remodeling contractors perform kitchen and bath projects with quality materials and skilled staff.

Thank you for visiting our website. We will be working to bring you current information about the work we do on projects as they are completed. We like to present to you information on the selected materials installed as well as why they were selected.

Each project we work on is carefully designed by our staff in conjunction with the client as well as Architects and Engineers as needed. Your project will receive the same care from initial consultation (always free) to the design phase and through to completion.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding our website and we hope you find the information here that you need to move your project from concept to a wonderful completion.

Best wishes.

Judd and Linda Mcilvain with Rich
Judd and Linda Mcilvain with Rich

Judd and Linda Mcilvain with Rich Hopkins.
Judd “The Troubleshooter” Mcilvain and his wife Linda are pictured here with Rich Hopkins prior to the start of their pool deck renovation. Judd worked in radio and television for many years and invited Rich to be on his talk radio show many times to discuss issues homeowners have in their construction projects. See their remodeled deck here.