Bathroom Remodeling Trends and Contractor Talk

Bathroom Remodeling Trends and Contractor Talk

Remodeling your bathroom will change your perspective on life on a daily basis as you start and end your day in a greatly improved space. Utilizing some of the latest trends can add to the enjoyment of your bathroom.


Linear Drain in the shower

A linear drain is a thin wide drain that is designed into the shower pan during a bathroom remodel. It will require some planning, or experience, to correctly execute. The shower floor can be a flat surface and sloped to the drain. Most showers have a “Bowl” design with the drain in the middle.

Linear Drain is a Top Bathroom Trend
A linear drain helps eliminate the “Bowl” shower floor. Sloping the shower floor to the drain with a flat surface.

Solid Surface Curb Top

A curb is the shower feature that you step over that is designed to keep water from migrating out the door onto the bathroom floor. It is usually tiled with finished tile on each side or metal trim. Covering the top of the curb with a neutral color solid surface material improves the clean look of a shower curb.

A solid Surface Shower Curb
Use a solid surface material on the shower curb top to eliminate grout lines at the busiest spot in the shower.


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